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Chief Justice Speech - dated 3 April 24

The Honourable Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon in his speech entitled “The Transformation of Litigation And The Litigator of the Future “underscored the key transformations in the Singapore litigation landscape and one of them was the “complexification of disputes.”


For those familiar with Singapore's legal landscape, the term "Contributory Negligence" will ring a bell. It is usual for insurance companies acting for the defendant to raise this defense to shift some responsibility onto the claimant to reduce the compensation payout.

Grace Law clinches the Best Law Firm in Singapore 2024 award.

Grace Law LLC has been recognised as the one of the Best Law Firms 2024 .

Workmen Compensation and Personal Injury Claim due to workplace accident.

A remarkable story of resilience and justice of Mr. Ong Kean Lim, a foreign worker in Singapore, defied meager compensation offers from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of $4,410 after a workplace accident.

A Legal Odyssey: Grace Law LLC in a High-Stakes Child Custody High Court Appeal

This case revolved around child custody disputes and displayed the importance of professional legal representatives like Grace Law LLC, in safeguarding the interests of all parties involved, especially the children.

Standing Strong for the Bereaved: Achieving 100% Liability Victory for a Cyclist's Family

Recently, Grace Law LLC achieved another victory in the High Court involving a cyclist who died in a road accident in 2019.

Division of Matrimonial Assets

Often, a critical part of divorce proceedings is the division of matrimonial assets. This article will look at how the Court determines whether an asset is considered a matrimonial asset and offer a simplified explanation of the mechanics of division.

Adoption and Dispensation of Consent

Under Singapore’s adoption laws, for an adoption order to be made, consent of both natural (biological) parents must be obtained. However, what happens if the identity or whereabouts of one natural parent is not known?

Bike accidents and deaths are on the rise!

The papers reported that 560 cyclists were fatally or seriously injured on Singapore roads in 2022.

Divorce by Mutual Agreement

Divorce by mutual agreement is a new reason that a couple can rely on to show that their marriage has broken down irretrievably. This is still in the pipeline and expected to come into effect sometime in 2023.


Your teenage childhas been engaging in reckless behaviour for months. One night, he disappears from your home. You call the police in desperation, and they find your teenager…….but things go from bad to worse.

Guidelines to prevent water accidents

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists drowning as the third leading cause of death from unintentional injury all over the globe. This data also shows that children are most at risk of drowning. While water accidents are inevitable and unpredictable, there are ways parents can ensure that their kids are safe when swimming.


Lost a loved one in a road or workplace accident? Was the loved one the main breadwinner? Do you wonder “What can I claim?”, ”Do I really need a personal injury lawyer?”, or maybe your question is “Can I afford a lawyer?”

Adopting a child

Adopting a child can be a fulfilling and enriching experience for parents involved and we recognise that this can equally be a challenging one due to the legal implications of the adoption process.

Who, what and when of a Personal Injury claim

You’ve been through a bitter experience and you’re really down. Suffering a personal injury is devastating. You want legal recourse, even though the damages you claim may not necessarily fully offset the pain you’ve been through. You want to know who to go to, what to do and when…

Family lawyers – a special or common breed?

There are quite a number of lawyers practicing family law in Singapore. Many of these lawyers are accidental family law practitioners. What do we mean by that?

The Quest For A Good Divorce Lawyer

Ask around. and Anyone who has ever undergone a divorce or marital dispute will have one important piece of advice to tell you: pick a good divorce lawyer.

Criminal lawyer Singapore

How to get away with murder? Finding the right criminal lawyerThe right to a fair trial is every individual’s fundamental liberty and it underpins the legitimacy of our legal system. Whatever the nature of your criminal issue may be, you need and DESERVE a good lawyer!

Blog on will, LPA and AMD

At Grace Law LLC, we give talks from time to time about Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Usually we also make mention of Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) in our talks.

Blog on making CPF nomination

At Grace Law LLC, we take pride in taking up and completing matters that many law firms shun. Mostly these are either complicated or do not make economic sense.

Best law firms in Singapore

Almost everyone who has a legal issue head straight to the internet to look for the best law firms or the best lawyers. A few ask around for referrals. Whatever the case, you will be sure to find us - Grace Law LLC.

Best Law Firms

There are plenty of law firms in Singapore. Some offer offering more niche services, and while others deal in with more generalised practice areas. But what does it take to be distinguished? What makes a law firm better than the rest, to be called what makes it the best?

A rung above the rest: the best family lawyers

In his speech at the International Family Law Conference 2016 in Singapore, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon emphasised that family law interventions should be placatory and intended to help the families reduce contentions. Instead of focusing on the delivery of substantive and procedural justice alone, he stressed that there should also be restorative and therapeutic justice in the process.

Winning Stay Application for Child Access

He shivered slightly in the frigid courtroom as he waited his turn. A document with the words “Application for Access Order” spread across the off-white sheet was clutched tightly in his hands. Read more: GL.141.19 – Grounds Of Decision_Access to Child This man has not seen his daughter for 9 months. Ever since his 2 year old

Crash Victim’s Widow, Child Get $4.3m Payout

An Australian widow whose cyclist husband died here after being hit by a taxi received about $4.3 million last month – believed to be the largest reported payout for an accident dependency claim here. The High Court-approved payout, which was mutually agreed by the parties involved, capped a settlement reached some four years after the tragedy […]

Negligent driving – Fined $4000 and 3 years disqualification

Monday, July 2, 2012 Police officer fined for negligent driving As an officer with the Police Coast Guard, his job was to keep our waters safe. But on land, he drove negligently and slammed into a pedestrian, causing him to now be in a vegetative state. Lee Koon Seng, 32, was fined $4,000 Friday for causing grievous hurt by […]