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Workmen Compensation and Personal Injury Claim due to workplace accident.

A remarkable story of resilience and justice of Mr. Ong Kean Lim, a foreign worker in Singapore, defied meager compensation offers from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of $4,410 after a workplace accident. This decision resulted in a resounding victory, securing a $100,000 settlement for injuries that had severely impacted his life. This article explores Mr. Ong’s inspiring journey and the crucial role that Grace Law LLC played in his pursuit of justice.

Mr. Ong's ordeal began when he miraculously survived a seven-meters fall while working as an electrician, sustaining severe injuries necessitating the insertion of metal plates in his face and part of his thyroid gland removed. His voice was forever altered, and his facial muscles were permanently affected. MOM assessed his case and determined just 3% disability and offered a meager $4,410 in compensation.

This assessment left Mr. Ong deeply disheartened as the consequences of his injuries were far more profound than what MOM recognized. His dearly loved karaoke singing hobby was no more.

In his dire situation, Mr Ong sought legal advice from Grace Law LLC, where Ms. Grace Malathy believed in his right to justice and identified negligence on the part of his employer as they failed to provide a safe working environment. She assured him that she could fight for the justice he deserved.

Mr. Ong’s choice to pursue legal action over MOM's assessment was rooted in his conviction that he deserved more, not just for the present but also to provide for potentially expensive future expenses related to surgeries to improve his voice and other medical needs.

Mr. Ong’s case illustrates the intricacies of compensation for injured workers in Singapore. The Work Injury Compensation Act provides a framework for compensation but has limitations. Accepting MOM's assessment waives the injured workers’ right to pursue common law legal action against their employer. In common law, negligence must be proven. Only a dedicated lawyer with specialized, in-depth knowledge of Personal Injury claims can provide sound advice regarding common law claims.

Mr. Ong's journey from a life-altering workplace accident to a $100,000 settlement underscores the resilience of injured workers and the vital role played by dedicated legal teams like Grace Law LLC. Their unwavering commitment to justice impacts the lives of workers seeking compensation. It was our utmost pleasure to assist him in his life. We know our Lord was with him and His mercy is more.

In a world where injured workers often feel helpless and overlooked, firms like Grace Law LLC offer hope. Their legal expertise, compassion, and determination to fight for justice make all the difference for those challenging the status quo. Mr. Ong's story serves as a beacon, lighting the way for others to seek the justice they rightfully deserve.

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