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Combined Experience of Almost 40 years

We are a Singapore based law firm established to offer committed and personalized legal service on a wide range of legal issues. Our clients come from all walks of life and range from corporate entities to common men.

We believe in justice and dedication to all clients regardless of case size. At Grace Law LLC (formerly Grace M & Associates), we recognize that our clients rely on us and we do our utmost best to live up to this responsibility by constantly striving for excellence in our service.

We are dedicated in providing you the best quality legal services specially customised to address your concerns whilst adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.

We take pride in gaining a deep understanding of your legal problems and proposing the most practical solutions at affordable rates making us an outstanding choice for all your legal concerns.

Our firm is principally managed by Ms Grace M, who is extensively qualified and skilled in civil litigation having fought cases in the High Court, Subordinate Courts, Family Courts, Syariah Court and the Labour Courts of the Ministry of Manpower.

We Are The Finest Criminal Defense Lawyers in Singapore

Almost 40 years of
rich legal experience

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money. And that is Sincerity & Integrity.
                                - Douglas Adams

Grace Malathy
Divorce and Family Law

We have over 20 years of experience having represented local and international clients in divorce proceedings.


We have successfully assisted many happy couples - both locals and foreigners to adopt children from several countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Malaysia.

Probate, Administration and Resealing of Foreign Grants

Much may be at stake with a death in the family. Apart from dealing with the loss of a loved one, certain legalities need to be addressed for the family to move on. We have been engaged by foreign law firms to reseal foreign Grants in the Singapore High Court.

Child Custody

With our experience in dealing with child custody issues, we are able to advise our clients on the best interests of their children and balance them with our client’s needs and reasonable desires. We have won several appeals in the High Court regards child custody issues which has been reported in the newspapers.

Personal Injuries

We have vast experience in litigating and settling personal injury claims arising from road accidents and workplace accidents. We hold the current record in Singapore for the highest dependency claim at S$4.35million.

Commissioning and Certification

We offer commissioning services and we have an in-house Notary Public for notarization services. We also provide certification of truth for documents.

Criminal Law

We have represented uniformed personnel, company directors, housewives and students in criminal cases and defended them successfully resulting in warnings or minimum penalties.


Drafting of agreements, contracts, deed polls, wills,  power of attorney, legal advice and service in matters relating to contractual disputes, tenancy issues, bankruptcy, debt recovery and many more.

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