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Grace Malathy Ponnusamy
Advocate & Solicitor • Commissioner for Oath • Notary Public • Accredited Mediator

Academic Qualifications
- Bachelor of Laws (Honours) - University of London, UK
- Postgraduate Diploma Education - Nanyang Technological University
- Graduate Diploma in Law - National University of Singapore
- Master of Laws - University of Wolverhampton, UK
- Master of Science (Info. Studies) - Nanyang Technological University

Ms Grace Malathy Ponnusamy (“Ms Grace M”) is the Managing Director of the firm established since 2007. With almost 20 years of experience in civil, criminal and family litigation, Ms Grace M is well-qualified to handle many types of claims.

She has won several appeals in the High Court involving child custody matters and is well known for her excellent work in Personal Injury and Dependency claims in Singapore as many were reported in the newspapers. A claim handled by Ms Grace M made the headlines in May 2018 as being the highest award for dependency in Singapore.

Ms Grace M is passionate about justice and strives to get the best possible outcome for her clients without compromising ethics. She is hands-on with all the matters of the firm in order to ensure that the highest quality of work is rendered.

At a personal level, Ms Grace M is committed to giving back to society and charity and makes it a point to regularly give of her time and resources to the needy and less privileged. She is active in church work and volunteers at a girls’ home. She is happily married with 1 child and enjoys travelling.

Michael Mariaraja

Mr. Michael Mariaraja is the pillar and support of the firm. He is overall responsible the firm’s business and management. He is usually the first point of contact for our clients who are full of praises for his assistance, kindness and most of all, his patience in answering their endless queries.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from UK and a MBA (International Management) from RMIT (Australia). Having worked in MNCs like HP, he has brought into Grace Law LLC a wealth of experience and expertise. He is an avid sportsman and regularly takes part in Spartan races and martial art competitions locally and abroad. He is a foodie and enjoys action movies!

Wen Wen

Wen Wen is a freshly minted lawyer having been called in September 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (1st batch of proud LLB graduands)

She has a keen interest in family law as she believes that families are the cornerstones of our society.

She finds purpose in helping people with their family issues and is always willing to lend a listening ear and go the extra mile for clients. Outside of law, Wen Wen serves in her church’s youth and worship ministries and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

With her skills, nature and aptitude, she is an invaluable addition to the legal fraternity.

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