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Legal Services for Criminal Cases

At Grace Law LLC, we understand that a criminal charge will turn your life upside down. Often thoughts of imprisonment, a heavy fine, disqualification, job loss dominate the mind making you lose sleep, happiness and peace. You need immediate help to allay your concerns and we do just that at Grace Law LLC! We undertake to provide you with astute strategic advice and ensure that your interests are well protected.

At Grace Law LLC, we have over 10 years of experience in successfully defending our clients (including juveniles) and mitigating the lowest sentence possible for offences such drink driving, drug consumption, assault, theft, cheating, CBT, molest, criminal trespass, rioting, immigration offences and computer crimes.

On a number of occasions, when a client consults us before being officially charged by the police, through our meticulous representations, our clients were let off with just a warning. Where necessary, we will involve medical experts to help your case.

Important things to-do when you suspect police action may be taken against you for an alleged offence:-

  1. Take notes/photos of the scene of the accident /incident. Collect and keep all evidence such as notes, photos, documents, call logs, sms, etc. which you think are favourable.
  2. Seek legal advice at the earliest possible to know your rights. If you are in police custody, ask your loved ones to seek advice on your behalf.

NB: The police can arrest with or without a warrant but they must either release you or produce you in Court within 48 hours.

  1. If you are charged and arrested, a bail must be posted before you are released. Prepare your loved one to post bail.
  2. When you are being charged, you can choose to say nothing but if you have a defence (any factor in your favour), state it in writing as this is important for your case later on.
  3. Co-operate with the police during their investigations. Lying or giving false information to the police is a criminal offence punishable by fine and imprisonment.
  4. Engage a lawyer or apply for legal aid if you qualify.

At Grace Law LLC, Criminal lawyer Singapore, we are committed to support and assist you through your ordeal. Before you say or do things to prejudice or compromise your interests, meet with us and this may make all the difference to your life and future!

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