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Death of a loved one can cause much pain and disruption to our lives. Sometimes it is so overwhelming that you feel helpless to handle the affairs especially the probate matters. We at Grace Law LLC are here to help you handle probate matters efficiently and affordably Find probate lawyer Singapore.

Upon death, the Estate of a person (“property, money, possessions”) is frozen and one can deal with the Estate only with a Court order called a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration.

Before applying to Court, the first step would be to ascertain if your loved one left a “Will” setting out his/her preferences.

If there is a Will, then the person named in the Will can apply to the Court for a Grant of Probate. Where there is no Will, the next of kin must apply to the Court for a Grant of Letters of Administration.

The next step will be to ascertain the assets left behind by the loved one. You must find out exactly what is in the Estate and this will involve valuing all the assets and ascertaining the extent of liabilities, if any. This can be a time consuming process, requiring letter writing, completing forms, telephone calls and attending appointments. This is where legal assistance plays a crucial role even before Court proceedings.

After ascertaining the assets and liabilities, an application is made to the Courts for a Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration. Once obtained, the Executor or the Administrator can deal with the estate, i.e. pay off debts, collect dues and distribute the estate to the persons named or the next of kin.

Where the total value of the estate is $50,000 or less with no outstanding debts or conflicting claims, you may apply to the Public Trustee to act for you. The Public Trustee’s Office is a government body set up to help with the administration of small estates.

As even undisputed Grant applications involve a number of documents, it is recommended that you seek legal assistance. Where a disputed Grant application is anticipated, it is prudent to seek legal advice.

If your loved one was resident overseas (Commonwealth Countries) with assets overseas and in Singapore, you should apply for a Grant of Probate /Letters of Administration in the resident country and have the Grant resealed in Singapore. Once the original Grant is resealed, the applicant is allowed to also deal with the assets in Singapore. Resealing is done in the High Court.

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