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Adoption and Dispensation of Consent

Adoption and Dispensation of Consent 

Under Singapore’s adoption laws, for an adoption order to be made, consent of both natural (biological) parents must be obtained. 

However, what happens if the identity or whereabouts of one natural parent is not known? 

In such scenarios, the adoptive parents must apply to Court for dispensation of consent of that natural parent. A high standard of proof is needed to dispense with the consent of a natural parent. 

Detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the child’s birth and efforts made to identify and/or locate the natural parent(s), such as contacting them at their last known address/contact number, contacting the former employers and even relatives of the natural parent must be satisfactorily given. In this day and age, one must also show that social media was used to locate the natural parent. 

At Grace Law LLC, an adoption specialist, we are vastly experienced and have successfully helped many couples successfully dispense with consent. 

In a recent case, the natural mother lost contact with the natural father more than 13 years ago and despite taking all the abovementioned steps, she was still not able to locate him. The Court then questioned if advertisement in the papers would assist in locating that parent. With the help of Grace Law LLC, our clients overcame all hurdles and are happily on their way to becoming proud parents of a beautiful child. 

The legal process of adoption is complicated and may even be daunting or difficult to navigate. 

Contact Grace Law LLC and we will overcome all the hurdles and share in your joy to bring a child into your family. Call us at 6220 6364 or drop us an email at today!

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