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Your teenage child has been engaging in reckless behaviour for months. One night, he disappears from your home. You call the police in desperation, and they find your teenager……. but things go from bad to worse. 

All you want is for your child to be back home safe and sound, but the Child Protective Service (“CPS”) thinks that home is not the safest place for him. They apply for a Court order for your child to stay in a children’s home (“the Home”) while the police complete their investigations. 

This was precisely what happened to one of our clients!

The distraught parents of a teenager engaged Grace Law LLC to help them get their child back.  We quickly gathered the facts and supporting documents, attended Court, liaised with CPS and even visited the child at the Home for a face-to-face interview to ascertain the child’s wishes and needs.

Time was of essence because of the child’s unique medical situation which required highly individualised care, rather than a one-size-fits-all, regimented treatment at the Home. 

To the child and the parents, the Home was stifling and felt like prison. Many of the children there were from broken homes, had disciplinary issues or even guilty of juvenile crime. Our clients’ child clearly did not belong there but treated alike. Our clients were distraught to see their child handcuffed when brought to attend his medical appointment. 

As this was a case where there was clearly no abuse or neglect by the parents, we believed that state intervention was not warranted. Our clients were determined parents who were committed and had the resources to manage their child on their own. 

The teenager, like most teenagers, was trying to find his own identity, cope with his own medical issues and strayed but was intervention by CPS and placement in a Home, albeit with good intentions, the right solution? 

Grace Law LLC was convinced of the parent’s dedication and commitment and presented their case to the Youth Court (under the Family Justice Court) and successfully secured the release of the teenager back to the relieved parents. 

Once CPS, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, or the Court is involved, your child may be separated from you for weeks or even months. You will need professional assistance and guidance to deal with such a situation. 

At Grace Law LLC, we will do our best to alleviate your anxiety and provide you with the best legal solutions so that you and your child get the best outcome. 

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