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Family lawyers – a special or common breed?

There are quite a number of lawyers practicing family law in Singapore. Many of these lawyers are accidental family law practitioners. What do we mean by that?

Several family lawyers practice family law just to supplement their income. They lack the compassion and the temperament. As family law practice is relatively straightforward compared to other areas of the law (plus the fact that family court judges are more merciful) many drift into and dabble in family law practice. 

At Grace Law LLC, we take pride in practicing family law to help families in need and make a valuable difference. We believe that families are the foundation and cornerstones of our society and our country. As such, when a problem breaks out within the family, much is at stake. A family problem such as divorce will invariably affect so many lives, sometimes innocent lives. Sometimes the effect continues for generations. Statistics show that children of divorced parents have a higher tendency to get a divorce themselves!

We at Grace Law LLC understand that clients come to us in desperation and we are the light of hope for them. On many occasions, we need to put aside our personal and family time to help them since our paths cross but for a brief stormy period of time. Rarely we are appreciated for the efforts and time that we have put in behind the scenes (Clients in desperation sometimes forget that lawyers too have a life, a family and problems of their own). However, we remain motivated knowing that we have helped people in their darkest and lowest moments of life. 

We are family lawyers who listen to our client’s problems with our hearts, understand their pain and yet remain practical and objective. A secret to many of our successful resolutions and satisfactory outcomes is that we pray over our client’s problems. Sometimes, the acrimony and the odds are overwhelming, but we persist in doing all that we can, going several extra miles to achieve what is needed for the family’s best. 

Good family lawyers are a special breed and one must have a heart of gold to really make a difference!

Written by
Grace Malathy