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Lost a loved one in a road or workplace accident? Was the loved one the main breadwinner? Do you wonder “What can I claim?”, ”Do I really need a personal injury lawyer?”, or maybe your question is “Can I afford a lawyer?”

Question 1 – What can I claim?

In fatal accident cases, you can claim for dependency if you depended on the deceased for financial support. You can claim, amongst other things,  loss of financial support, bereavement and loss of inheritance.

Question 2 - Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

YES! Simply, to ensure that the legal process is smooth, fuss-free but most importantly to ensure that YOU not short-changed.

Question 3 – Can I afford a lawyer?

YES! 80% to 90% of your legal costs will be paid for by the other party. If the claim (arising from road accidents) is settled at over $5,000, the Public Trustee will ensure that your legal costs are reasonable.  

For real life examples, let us look at recent matters handled by Grace Law LLC...

Dependency claim under the Civil Law Act

On the 14 July 2016, an expatriate cyclist was killed on the spot by a taxi driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel right before he rammed into the victim.  Before the widow engaged the services of Grace Law LLC, she was unaware of her full rights under the law for dependency claims. She assumed that the only compensation she could receive was for bereavement – a mere S$15,000. 

With the guidance and support of Grace Law, the victim’s widow was able to file a dependency claim. This case then made the record for the largest pay out received for an dependency claim - S$4.35 million and reported in all major newspapers.

Case 2 - Claim under Work Injury Compensation Act

This case involves a widow whose Malaysian husband died at his workplace on 18 August 2019 due to heart failure. His employers resisted the widow’s claim for compensation on the basis that his heart failure was not work-related. They made a goodwill offer at $25,000. However, our involvement resulted in her claim being settled at $132,000 (500% better).

These cases truly go to show the difference in which the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury litigation lawyer can make in fatal accident cases. 

Grace Law LLC has 40 years’ worth of combined experience in litigating injury and dependency claims. We will review your documents, advise you of any potential contributory negligence and aid you in navigating the challenges that may crop up during the legal process. In addition, we will connect you to specialists – forensic accountants, pathologists, etc. for further expert assistance.

Our clients are guaranteed high-value service, professional guidance, specialist resources - all at minimal legal costs. Though no amount of compensation can justify the death of a loved one, every dollar counts for those left behind.

Whatever your question is – ask us!

Free consultation is offered at Grace Law LLC for all road traffic and workplace accident victims and their dependents. Call or email us 6220-6364/ sg

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