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Winning Stay Application for Child Access

He shivered slightly in the frigid court room as he waited his turn. A document with the words “Application for Access Order” spread across the off-white sheet was clutched tightly in his hands.

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This man has not seen his daughter for 9 months.

Ever since his 2 year old daughter was born, he recounted, he had always tried to do his best for his daughter despite his busy job in the Singapore Air Force and stark finances.

When his daughter was born, rooms in the house were sacrificed in the name of finance, rented out in a bid to supplement their income. The ubiquitous debts were tended to religiously, and the furnishings chipped in by him and his family.

However, he met with an unfortunate surprise when he begin having difficulties seeing his beloved daughter after being granted access, and enlisted the aid of Grace Law LLC.

In an attempt to meet his daughter, he was ganged up upon by his wife and her family, and his daughter was snatched away from his hands.

In his wife’s stay application, the break times he would spend with friends were distorted into towering claims of gambling dens and drinking addictions, while the casual companionship he has with a friend was twisted into unfounded declarations of intimacy and cohabitation.

Which is why he was deeply relieved when Grace Law LLC, who, with their years of experience in dealing with divorce proceedings, fought against the stay application, and won.

Indeed, with the help of Grace Law LLC, the judge had reached a decision by taking into account the most important factor- the welfare of the child.

It was not right to restrict access, especially if the husband has only shown himself to be a responsible parent. It was not right to remove so important a figure from a child so young.

It was not right for a child not to know her father.

Grace Law LLC is proud to have helped this man in overcoming the difficulties he faced in this dispute, and in doing thus, secured his right to visit his daughter.

In the future, Grace Law LLC will continue to provide aid to those troubled by family disputes and give their utmost in every case.

Written by
Grace Malathy