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Best law firms in Singapore

Almost everyone who has a legal issue head straight to the internet to look for the best law firms or the best lawyers. A few ask around for referrals. Whatever the case, you will be sure to find us - Grace Law LLC.

Well, what makes Grace Law LLC one of the best law firms in Singapore. Let us offer you just 3 reasons! 

  1. We are really good at what we do! Visit our website at and read our reported cases. These are but samples of what we have done. Be it a divorce case, injury matter or a dependency claim, we strive for excellence in every case that we handle. We challenge ourselves, think outside the box and leave no stones unturned to ensure that our clients’ interests are more than well-served. 

  1. Though we are one of the best law firms in Singapore, we are surprising affordable. We offer free consultation for injury matters and customize fee payment plans according to our clients’ financial abilities. We are sensitive to our client’s financial condition. On some occasions, we only collect our fees on completion of the case. 

  1. We not only offer sound legal advice, we also make practical suggestions to you on how to deal with your problems. We are the best because we listen to you without any judgment or preconceived ideas, we put ourselves in your position and think day and night to advice you and/or guide you step by step towards a resolution.

In the 11 years since inception, our firm has helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life and we love the challenges of a novel case and enjoy the satisfaction of having added value to someone’s life. 

Being one of the best law firms in Singapore, we get numerous calls on a daily basis for persons wanting help. Due to our law firm’s endeavor for excellence, we only take on a selected number of files because we believe that quality and not quantity matters. We pride ourselves in being a small firm that delivers big results. 

“We may not do great cases, but we can do small cases in a great way” – adapted from Martin Luther King’s words. 

Martin Luther King Jr.

    “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way”

Written by
Grace Malathy