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Blog on making CPF nomination

At Grace Law LLC, we take pride in taking up and completing matters that many law firms shun. Mostly these are either complicated or do not make economic sense. However, as a lawyer, I believe that I have been given this special responsibility by my Maker to use all my skills and talents to help people with unique problems whenever possible.

Otherwise, why would they come my way when there are thousands of lawyers out there? I believe that there is a reason for everyone crossing my path – God put them there for me to help/get help from or teach/learn from.

Just this week, when I am drowning from the backlog created by my recent office shifting and travel, I had a unique enquiry requiring urgent legal advice.

She was trying to get the Public Trustee (PT) to release her mother’s un-nominated CPF monies. Her mother passed away without a Will. She has 2 other step-siblings. All of them are not legitimate children. According to the PT, her mother was once married. However, neither she, her step-siblings or relatives knew anything about the marriage or the man! A trip to the High Court unraveled even more surprising news. Apparently, that man had filed for divorce but whether the divorce was completed remained a mystery to her.

PT’s position was that since the children are all illegitimate, under Intestacy Law, only the long-lost husband stands to get the entire CPF monies of over $100K. This was obviously not an easily digestible piece of information. Someone who was never a part of her mother’s life, as far as she is concerned, now stands to hit a jackpot because of marriage certificate dated more than 40 years ago! 

Fortunately, for the madam, we at Grace Law managed to get some searches and research done at very short notice. We have through our thorough and in-depth skills and knowledge have cleared the way for the madam and her step siblings to get hold of the CPF monies. You can only imagine the joy and relief the madam had when she found out that she was going to get the monies after all. She is a cleaner and works part time to take care of her young daughter. As such, these monies mean so much to her!

If only the mother had a CPF nomination, the children would not have to go through so much pain and trouble getting what they are entitled to! 

Written by
Grace Malathy