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Chief Justice Speech - dated 3 April 24

The Honourable Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon in his speech entitled “The Transformation of Litigation And The Litigator of the Future “underscored the key transformations in the Singapore litigation landscape and one of them was the “complexification of disputes.” (Page 2, para 12B – Speech Note).

Cases that were once considered routine are now steeped in layers of complexity, he commented. In support, the Chief Justice referenced Grace Law LLC's case [Grace Doney and Others V Sivakumar Ranjan and Another] (see Page 9, No.17 – SpeechNote).

He said, in this case, the court delved into several pieces of technical evidence to resolve a question of contributory negligence, including speed, location data (Strava speed tracking), and complex accident reconstructions involving concepts such as Perception Reaction Time (PRT) and Point of Hazard Perception (PHP).

So, what does it take to be The Litigator of the Future?..........To be The Litigator of the Future, one must possess not only legal acumen but also a deep understanding of technical evidence and complex concepts pertinent to modern disputes, as exemplified by Grace Law LLC.

Read the rest of his speech here: Opening Speech By Chief Justice Sundaresh Menonat Litigation Conference 2024.

Written by
Grace Law LLC