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Who, what and when of a Personal Injury claim

You’ve been through a bitter experience and you’re really down. Suffering a personal injury is devastating.

You want legal recourse, even though the damages you claim may not necessarily fully offset the pain you’ve been through. You want to know who to go to, what to do and when…


Grace Law LLC because we are lawyers with a heart!

Many law firms may offer quality legal work, but that’s not enough. At Grace Law LLC we treat your loss as if it were our own and put all our heart into working your claim. You get quality heart-felt service! 

We completely understand that litigating for a personal injury claim is unduly stressful and emotionally draining. Reliving the experience and pain is separate unpleasant event. As lawyers with a heart, we go beyond offering a legal advice. We strive to be by your side throughout the process, supporting you with compassion and empathy.


Grace Law LLC’s practical and affordable solutions 

Sometimes, the best solution is not litigation. While other lawyers may want to proceed with litigation for reasons that may include earning more legal fees, at Grace Law LLC, your best interest is always our first priority. We will think of the best practical solution regardless of the fees. If litigation is necessary, we will ensure that it is affordable and concluded at the earliest with the best outcome. 

We recognise that one of the biggest stresses in a personal injury claim is the burden of legal costs. Most people fear that legal fees will outstrip the amount of compensation. We have handled hundreds of claim and this has never happened. We will also ensure that most of the legal costs is paid by the other party. On most occasions, we only collect fees after the case is concluded.


There is a 3-year limitation period after which your claim for personal injury expires. Please contact us for a free consultation to ensure that you know your full rights before your claim expires. 

Grace Law LLC promises service and quality unmatched. 

For personal injury claims, we offer free consultation at Grace Law LLC. Come understand your claim and your rights. 

Written by
Grace Malathy