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Blog on will, LPA and AMD

At Grace Law LLC, we give talks from time to time about Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). Usually we also make mention of Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) in our talks.

Although the government has taken commendable effort in educating the public, so many of us remain blissfully ignorant of the importance of making these documents on time.

We take our health for granted. We take our life for granted and we take the privilege of making an informed decision for granted.

I want everyone reading this to make a personal commitment to get these documents done. Many ask what is the difference between these documents.

Basically, you must get your LPA done when you are mentally fit. A LPA will allow your loved ones or chosen caregiver to manage your health care and finances. If dementia or some other mental illness sets in, it is normally too late. Then your loved ones will have to spend lots of money and time to seek the Court’s permission to be appointed to manage your healthcare and finances. 

A Will is to deal with how you want your assets and money distributed after you are no more. Even if you do not have many assets – usually my clients have a flat, some monies in the bank, jewellery, shares, etc, it is best to do a simple Will. This way, your loved ones, apart from coping with the grief do not also need to worry about receiving

Written by
Grace Malathy