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Standing Strong for the Bereaved: Achieving 100% Liability Victory for a Cyclist's Family

Recently, Grace Law LLC achieved another victory in the High Court involving a cyclist who died in a road accident in 2019. The Defendants sought 30% contributory negligence and specially engaged a Forensic expert from New Zealand who flew into Singapore to attend the trial. Grace Law LLC also engaged an equally competent local Forensic Expert to assist the Court on technical issues and accident reconstruction. 


The experts disagreed with each other on the theory, methodology, and findings. For the 1st time in the Singapore Courts, the issues of Point of Actual Hazard (PHP) and Perception Response Time (PRT) were discussed extensively. Needless to say, the 2 experts differed in their opinion of PHP and PRT regarding the fatal accident. One expert said that the Cyclist needed at least 2.5 seconds while the other said 2 seconds was more than enough. We fought over split seconds as each millisecond made a difference on whether the dead Cyclist was negligent! 

In the 5-day intense trial in the High Court last October 2022, we canvassed a host of technical issues involving speed calculations, road slope measurements, empirical testing, view angles of the dashcam video, barrel distortion, issues of sunstrike and shadow, etc. 

Finally, on 3 May 2023, GRACE LAW LLC received a judgment where the Court found the Defendants 100% liable. We give all glory to God for this astounding victory – another milestone for Grace Law LLC. You can read the full Judgment at


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