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A rung above the rest: the best family lawyers

In his speech at the International Family Law Conference 2016 in Singapore, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon emphasised that family law interventions should be placatory and intended to help the families reduce contentions. Instead of focusing on the delivery of substantive and procedural justice alone, he stressed that there should also be restorative and therapeutic justice in the process.

But why is what makes family law so different?

Speaking to family law practitioners at another setting, the Chief Justice reminded them that the nature of family disputes is differs from regular commercial litigation: family disputes do not necessarily resolve get resolved just because a court verdict declares which party is at fault and how much they ought to pay. Often times, animosity between the parties heightens and the relationship between them irrevocably breaks down, leaving painful emotional scars from the litigation battle.

Therefore, the nature of family law disputes and emotional complexities intertwined involved makes it imperative that the best family lawyer is one who is able to navigate the family towards an amicable settlement that leaves both sides in feeling like they’ve reached in a win-win situation. 

Given the adversarial nature of our common law litigation system, this can prove difficult, especially when clients, in their state of emotional stress, instruct lawyers to include certain details. Unsurprisingly, this may lead to sparking a the rise of new disagreements. Granted, this may be critical in clinching a better position for one’s client, but the emotional impact of the disagreement can run deep within the parties concerned.  

Although difficult, a good family lawyer goes  will always go beyond his/her calling to help families embark on a more positive and healing path to healing. Even if he/she is unable to completely resolve the deeper issues, he/she will always try to persuade both sides to settle on agreeable compromises instead of invoking more arguments.

Second Law Minister Ms. Indranee Rajah even went a step further to say that family lawyers must be prepared to play multiple roles, including “serving as peacemakers, problem solvers and even at times, counsellors”. 

In a legal services scene where almost every firm offers family law services abound, Grace Law LLC stands out as a remarkable family law firm with exceptional negotiation skill, experience and heart.

Notably, Grace Law LLC’s director Ms Grace M, is a family lawyer who has earned a name for herself in the industry. With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Ms Grace specialises in family law practice, civil litigation and personal injury claims. 

Being the principle manager of Grace Law LLC, she has maintained the firm the firm’s size as in a boutique size so that she is as to be able to personally handle clients’ matters. Not only does this arrangement allow her to devote her more time to the cases and produce the excellent legal work her clients deserve, but she is also able it also gives her the opportunity to develop lasting interpersonal relationships with them and devote time to mission work. As a distinguished family lawyer, Ms Grace always goes beyond her calling, working every case with all her heart. In every case, she guides her clients with family law disputes toward a more healing and constructive settlement that is beneficial to parties without compromising her client’s interests.

A seasoned family lawyer, Ms Grace has worked on family disputes that have been heard in the High Court, State Courts, Family Courts and the Syariah Courts. Notably, she has fought and won a number of family court appeals in the High Court. 

A good family lawyer is one that holds wide-ranging expertise and delivers excellent legal work. A rung above stands the better family lawyer-- one that goes above and beyond to guide clients toward a more restorative and healing process in spite of the ongoing litigation battle. 

Such lawyers this can be found at one place—Grace Law LLC. Providing excellent legal work and exceedingly sensitive to the needs of our clients, Grace Law LLC has made its mark as a remarkable family law firm in the industry. So much so, that it was crowned Corporate INTL’s Global Award Winner 2018 for being the best boutique family law firm of the year in Singapore. 

If you have a family law dispute, you can believe that Grace Law LLC will not fail to be your trusted counsel!

Written by
Grace Malathy