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Adopting a child

While adopting a child can be fulfilling and enriching, it can also be challenging!

Briefly, adoption is a process whereby parental rights over a child are conferred to the adoptive parents. There are several requirements put forth by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) which outline who can adopt, who can be adopted, and the procedural steps of the adoption process.

One of the many requirements for adoption in Singapore is that the maximum age gap between adoptive parents and child must not be more than 50 years. Why?

As adoptive parents, you are responsible for providing education and protecting the welfare of your adopted child until he or she is independent. Therefore, this maximum age gap is meant to ensure that you have the physical and financial means to see the child to his/her independence.

Grace Law LLC, being top Singapore adoption lawyers, is proud to acclaim that we have successfully assisted clients to overcome this age gap requirement.

In 2015, our clients, an Indian couple in their early 50s sought to adopt a 1-month-old baby. Despite the maximum age gap requirement, Grace Law LLC helped the couple to successfully adopt the baby amidst the challenges posed.

In 2019, another Malay couple in their 60s faced a similar problem even though this couple had fostered the child of 6 years old for several years. Grace Law LLC appealed to MSF and again successfully managed helped the couple to adopt that child.

We have 100% success rate and we have handled adoption of both local and foreign children. For more information, call or email us now for free consultation and promotional prices!

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